Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers

Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers

It is often challenging for a high handicapper to find the best golf balls out of a good number of options available in the market. This is obvious because the high handicappers don’t swing much and hit the ball faster so they need the golf ball that offers maximum spin control and better distance. 

The golf ball that fits for the one may not be suitable for the experienced player. This is why I sum up here the best golf balls for high handicappers designed by considering the skill sets of experienced golfers. 

In a hurry? Let’s get straight to the reviews to buy a best value golf ball. 

5 Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers

Indeed, not all golf balls are designed for high handicappers. That’s why I here listed a few of the best golf balls for the distance that offer excellent distance and more incredible playability on the green. 

If you’re purchasing whatever you get on the sales, then have a look at these golf balls. 

1. Callaway 2021 Supersoft Max Golf Balls

Callaway always secures the top place in the list of high-end golf balls. With its unique engineered large core, it can lower down the spin and generate a better launch.

The design of the ball is reinforced with Graphene and has a thinner outer core for maximum distance travel. 

Moreover, it features a high-speed mantle system with a proprietary tri-blend ionomer for faster speed and efficiency. This Supersoft max golf ball is made to provide the precise contact for greater distance travel. 

The low compressor core of the golf ball helps to enhance the energy transfer to lift the ball accurately.


  • Reengineered design for maximum distance travel.
  • Maximum forgiveness and slower spinning.
  • Improved ball speed and enhance energy transfer.
  • Straightforward flight and easy pickup.
  • Low compression and super soft design.


  • Not so durable.
  • More options available in this price range.

2. Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf e12 is a three-piece construction golf ball that delivers optimum side spin-reducing performance and a great distance.

In addition, this ball comes with an active acceleration mantle and has a high-performance polymer which helps to increase ball velocity and thrust. 

On the other hand, the delta wing dimples pattern on the surface helps to provide smoother airflow and reduce drag when the ball is in the air.

Also, the new, improved aerodynamics help enhance the straight distance of this best golf ball for high handicappers

In my opinion, Bridgestone Golf e12 is a true winner and best suited for high handicappers. 


  • The 3-piece construction and side spin reducing spin.
  • Active acceleration mantle for high performance.
  • Faster speed and accurate distance travel.
  • Delta dimples for smoother airflow.
  • Durable and long-lasting.


  • Hardcover reduces the high trajectory.
  • Difficult to locate due to red color.

3. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball

Only a high handicapper knows the value of the ultimate distance golf ball. This Nitro Ultimate golf ball is made of two-piece Titanium core construction that will maximize energy transformation and spin less. 

Also, the symmetrical dimple design and aerodynamics will help reduce the drag and lift the ball for longer shots.

Its cut-proof cover is constructed with Dupont Lithium Surlyn that delivers high performance, durability, outstanding resilience, and abrasions.

Above all, the wind flight stability further provides explosive distance travel without much spinning. This ball also provides excellent resistance to abrasion and cuts, which further enhance the ball’s performance. 


  • Indestructible design with a cut-proof cover.
  • High velocity and long-distance travel.
  • Super reactive and maximum energy transfer.
  • Ideal for all level players.
  • DuPont Lithium Surlyn.


  • A bit expensive than other.
  • Poor hold when lifting the ball off the ground.

4. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Titleist Velocity is one of the top-rated brands that design the best golf balls for high handicappers. The design of this ball is focused on distance-related improvement and ball speed. In addition, Titleist is for a low-long game spin.

The thinner outer core of the ball is reinforced to provide high flight in every shot. Also, the double dimples on the ball further enhance the performance of this golf ball. It provides a high trajectory and minimum spin. 

Overall, the golf ball is a game-changer for the high handicappers if you want to have the best golf ball on a budget, a big yes for the Titleist Velocity golf ball. 


  • The maximum trajectory on a distance shot.
  • Durability and maximum spin control.
  • Efficient flight timing.
  • Ideal for short term game control.
  • Double dimple for better performance.


  • Only for slow swinging players.
  • Average construction.

5. Srixon Z Star XV 5 Golf Balls

Srixon Z star is for the high-end golfers who want maximum trajectory, long-distance, and minimum spin. This ball is redesigned with a dual energetic gradient growth core that provides better launch and long-distance travel. 

It features a multi-layered mantle and 4th generation spin, which offer maximum control on the ball- the double dimple pattern with aerodynamic design helps to achieve maximum speed during the lift time. Moreover, the dimple pattern is also helpful in reducing the dragging. 

The softer outer core further enhances the green-side spin and doesn’t spin even during the most challenging wind condition. 


  • Extended distance travel with maximum accuracy.
  • Improved ball speed.
  • Comprehensive game performance and average swing.
  • Multi-layer mantel for stability and maximum trajectory.
  • High launch and straight distance.


  • Above the average price.
  • Faster swinger may experience long game spin.

Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers- Buyer’s Guide 

Searching for the correct type of golf balls is always challenging. But if you consider these tips, you will easily find the best golf balls for high handicappers.

Golf Ball’s Cover

The golf ball cover plays a significant role in determining the nature of the spin and ball flight. Ideally, go with the golf balls with thinner cover to provide you optimum spin and better trajectory. Moreover, the ball with a thinner cover will adapt according to the body swing. 


The golf balls are available in different construction such as 1-piece construction, 2-piece construction, 3-piece construction, etc. The numbers will define that the ball is made with a single material, double material with a mantle, and so on. If you are a high handicapper, prefer to have a ball with two or 3-piece construction as it can offer maximum distance, accuracy, and spin control. 


Dimples on the golf ball are helpful in reducing the drag from the ball. Moreover, it will directly impact the distance covered by the ball. So, always choose those balls that have wide dimples as they provide better distance and less spin. 


Golf balls provide the massive trade-off between the distance and the spin. If you want more spin, then you need to sacrifice distance and accuracy. So, prefer to have a ball with deeper dimples to prevent excessive spinning and offer a great response. 

Final Verdict

Thus, these are some of the best golf balls for high handicappers that give maximum performance with low spin. Even middle golfers can buy these golf balls to improve their game and become experienced golfers. To choose the best from the above-reviewed golf balls, you can follow the buying guide, which will help make a better decision.

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