Golf Balls For Average Golfer

Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers

Choosing the correct golf ball is pivotal to improve your game as most people are using the wrong ones. If you get the wrong balls, your game is noticeably affected and might lower your confidence. 

An average golfer is the one who hits above 90 on a regular 72 par field. An average golfer always shoots higher than that. However, with the advancement in the game, you think that things would be easier but that is not the case. 

With the improved balls, anyone hitting above 20 is considered an average golfer. There are some things that you need to consider when choosing the correct ball for an average golfer.

What To Look For While Choosing A Golf Ball For Average Golfer?

Although, I have posted an article on golf balls for high handicappers. But, If you are an average golfer, you need to consider some factors to consider before buying the ball.

They are listed below…

  • Higher ball flight: Most average golfers do not have fast swing speed and hence have a reduced flight. However, some balls are designed to promote longer ball flights which should be a primary consideration for average consideration. 
  • Lower driver spin: An average golfer should look for balls which are engineered to generate lower spin to ensure a long flight. This will help you lower your scores which will help improve the game. 
  • Reasonable price: You should consider the price of the ball. You should go for the lower-priced balls and not for the pro or the high-end ones. 

Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer

There are several companies that manufacture golf balls which make it extremely difficult and confusing for the average golfer to buy one. In this article, we have suggested the best golf balls for the average golfers to help improve your style of playing.

Now, let’s get directly into the product reviews to help you choose the best ball for you.

1. Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls

Are you looking for third-generation balls with outstanding spin control on the grass and amazing design to cover long distances?

These Q-Star Tour Golf Balls by Srixon are specially designed for average or moderate swing speed golfers and does the job. 

These golf balls are engineered at 75 ratings of compression, giving a solid feel when delivering on the driver or iron and a softer feel when delivering on the greens. 

The boastful 338 aerodynamic speed dimple pattern and low spin rates promote increased lift and reduced drag. This results in straight flight even in extreme wind conditions. 

The ball is similar to genuine tour-calibre balls, making it preferable for short game performance for the greater stoppability in the high pitches. 


  • Manufactured with a thin urethane softcover.
  • Boasted a gradient growth advanced core.
  • Made with three-piece construction.
  • Ideal for golfers with an average swing speed
  • It has an ultra-soft feel
  • Promote high to mid-launch.


  • It is not very consistent with the golfer as promoted. 

2. Wilson Golf Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Ever wondered what the “50” written on the balls mean? The “50” written on the ball refers to the 50 compression, which is the lowest for golf balls.

This ball is better for low swing speed to mid swing speed, which is not the best for a golfer whose swing speed is 90 mph.

This two-piece construction is enhanced with 22% softer rubber cores which make them responsive to the impact. Therefore, these balls produce great distances for shots and receive more energy when transferred from the club head. 

These balls are ideal for senior golfers, who want explosive distance, a softer feel, and minimized spin.

The balls are available in a variety of bright colors, which helps to improve visibility. 


  • Reduces the spin of the driver.
  • Keep track of the balls easily.
  • Has an explosive distance.
  • Improved aerodynamics promoted powerful acceleration.
  • Improved softer core.
  • It is available in four different colors.


  • Not suitable to approach shots.

3. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Are you in search of Pro balls at reasonable rates? All the Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are the ideal blend of tour-level core, multi-layer, three-piece construction with an advanced Elastomer Urethane cover and come at a fairly low price. 

These balls are praised highly for generating drop and stop performance for approach shots and ultimate straight flight balls on long iron shots and drivers. These features make these balls leading in the market.

The Pro V1 balls are the perfect combination of spin, soft feel, and speed. On top of that, they feature a Tour-proven dimple design and high, new coverage, which also makes these all-around performing balls. 

Compared to their predecessors, these balls display notable design changes in terms of consistency and aerodynamics. 


  • These balls are durable.
  • Enhanced aerodynamics and designs
  • All-round improved performance.
  • Has an added ionomeric layer of the casing.
  • Reformulated new solid large core.
  • Generates initial velocity with straight trajectory, higher launch, and long-distance.


  • It is on the expensive side

4. Srixon Men’s Soft Feel Golf Ball

Being an average golfer, it is quite natural for you to struggle to hit at mid-swing speed. Therefore, what kind of golf balls should you choose?

The Srixon Men’s Soft Feel Golf Ball helps you swing the golf ball at 70+ speeds. This ball comes with a unique feature of “hit straight” alignment. 

The thing that makes this ball apart from others is that they have a highly resilient super soft core. The ball has been specially engineered using Energetic Gradient Growth.

This helps the ball to have a soft feel and maximizes the energy the ball experiences at impact. 

This soft-feel golf ball has a 6mm ionomer cover. This ball promotes a high launch because of the surface’s 334-speed dimple pattern. 


  • This Srixon ball has improved aerodynamics and reduces drag. 
  • It offers golfers to have a soft feel of the greatest level and covers a great distance. 
  • The golf ball promotes a penetrating trajectory along with a higher launch. 
  • For ball flight, it maintains great efficiency and consistency.
  • It maintains a low spin-off for the driver.
  • It has a two-piece construction.


  • Golfers find it difficult to control this golf ball on the greens.
  • It becomes mushy after a while. 

5. Pinnacle Golf Rush and Soft Golf Ball

What makes the Pinnacle Golf Rush and Soft Golf Ball perfect? They are known for their great performance. Pinnacle believes that the core of the ball is the engine. To achieve longer shots, the ball has a soft feel and low spin. 

The core of the ball is designed with low compression and high energy. It has a soft cover and comes with an advanced 332 icosahedral dimple design. This helps the ball to travel a further distance with every shot. 

The ball flight is consistent and powerful. It also has an ionomer cover that offers a great feel and consistency. In addition, Pinnacle offers you different colors of golf balls to choose from. 


  • The Pinnacle Rush covers a huge distance with every club. 
  • The ball flight is powerful and consistent. 
  • It has a low spin and soft feel. 
  • It has an advanced dimple design. 
  • The ball comes with a durable ionomer cover. 


  • The ball does not offer good spin with wedges.
  • Some people received the wrong color of the ball. 

Final Verdict

This brings us to the end of the reviews. Most of the golfers at this stage still are getting to know about the nuances of the game and might find it extremely challenging.

However, they look to customize their game and want increased spin control. For better knowledge of the balls, seek reviews from experienced golf players.

We have tried to suggest a good amount of quality balls. If you have any doubts or suggestions, do write to us in the comments section below.

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